JTAH Tackle Bad Parenting

Modupe Adeyinka Oni

Ezekiel Okpuzor

As part of efforts to manage a child in this digitalised era, Jashabel Touch-A-Heart Foundation (JTAH) has organised a conference to tackle bad parenting in Nigeria.

The event which was held in Lagos recently, during the annual National Women and Child-girl Stakeholders Conference was themed: “Raising a 21st century child: challenges of parenting in a digitalised world”.

The innovation of putting a child in the right track by dancing to their tune, is known to be the best parenting method.

Speaking at the event, the founder of Standard Bearers School, Modupe Adeyinka-Oni, stated the needs why parents should adapt.

“Education is not about academic alone, Nigeria is living in a global space and we can’t change the standard of what the world is requiring.

“The world is looking for different skills and talents rather than academic, so parents should help their children to unleash that talent.”

She commended Jtah Foundation for been a backbone to the helpless and urged Nigerians to navigate and support the good works.

“We want to change the narrative of a girl-child by doing more and move away from talking, Jtah foundation can’t do it alone.

“We the rest society should put our hands together and support this movement.”

According to the founder of JTAH Mrs Favour Benson, described the journey as a progressive step

“We have solved more than 200 cases within 20 years and more are still coming.

“This days the rate children and women are being abuse is increasing rapidly because most victims are getting their voice back by speaking out.”

She pointed that accommodation is one of the biggest challenge the foundation is facing.

“A child that has been abused or a woman that has been violated, you can’t expect her to go back home so we provide a place for them until justice unveils.

“Often time the police will tell us there is no room or a place to keep the victims while investigation is on process.”