Range Offers Investment Scheme


Range Developments said it is offering individuals United States E-2 visa through investment in project.

According to a statement made available to THISDAY by the company, the programme enables high net-worth individuals and their families seeking citizenship solutions, to invest in project of their choice, and obtain the citizenship of the respective jurisdiction.

The statement also noted that the investment yields monetary and no barriers travel benefits.
It further explained that the company’s latest project in Grenada, adding that it has the most sought after citizenship programme, which includes the opportunity to obtain a US E2 visa, through investment in the USA.

It added: “Given the regulatory challenges facing the EB5 (Green Card) programme, Grenada – E2, has become the fastest and most effective route to reside in the United States. The Grenada citizenship programme has been met with interest by those who wish to widen their global scope, as well as settle in the United States.

“At an investment cost of $220, 000 along with applicable fees, an investor into the hotel can apply for the Grenadian citizenship and enjoy many benefits. Investors can take on dual citizenship and reap the benefits of both.

“They can enjoy visa free travel to more than 140 countries worldwide (including UK, Schengen, China and Russia) and this is extended to their immediate families, who can also gain citizenship.

“This includes spouses, children, parents and unmarried siblings. The application process is swift and efficient (citizenship can be obtained within 3 months) and there is no requirement to visit Grenada or have residency in the country.

“Furthermore, Grenadian citizenship, due to its unique E-2 treaty with the United States, gives its citizens a chance to obtain the US E2 visa.”