Okakuro Partnership, a Great Motivation, Says Oghomienor


After due consultations with the FC Bulmaro technical crew led by the head coach Gonzalo Dibiasi, and representative of Okakuro Group in Nigeria, Idemabasi Mkpokporo, Leslie Oghomienor, Chairman, Blaugrana Sports Group International told the media that his organisation and the club was overwhelmed by the sports performance.

He said no matter how resourceful and wealthy in diverse ways an individual or institution like Blaugrana Sports Group International was, inspiration and motivation were very strong and potent useful lubricants in the wheels of helping others make impactful progress.

“We are excited and happy for Okakuro to agree to help us, assist others to live their dreams by extending her support for our CF Bulmaro. Free Football Clinic for the academic institutions, leaping with agreed schools in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, which began with Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu, Lagos. We all know that the education of the child in the days of the old was collectively done, and the society then was better for it. The vices we are seeing today, if any, were like fiction, rare. Today, the reverse is the experience. Our little intent is to help and see how we can travel those very good and smooth roads again. With our willful and genuine collective efforts, directed on the right paths, and timely, we are convinced we are bound to do better than the past good evergreen days,” Oghomienor explained.

In her response, Idemabasi Mkpokporo, speaking on behalf of Okakuro Group, stated that the future wellbeing and economic viability of any great nation was dependent on the quality of her education system and the cultural and social upbringings of the children, and the acceptable values taught them, who will in few years’ time become the leaders of the nation in various capacities and in diverse sectors of the economy.

“Therefore, since our yeaning is for a far better society than the old, our sincere quest is to open-handedly encouraged and motivate novel causes such as the FC Bulmaro Free Football Clinic for schools. These children are the only future we have, and to be fully secured we must invest in them in any way humanly and legally possible. This informed our decision. One, we believe it’s one of the best taken ever. Knowing that in the long term the gains of this social investment we will all enjoy,” Mkpokporo said.

Commending the initiative, Dr. Austin Eruotor, President, Whitehouse Group, who has been following the activities of the two sports giant bodies, said a nation that ignored the sole interest of the children which is holistic, well sustain quality education and upbringings was bound to be troubled resulting from the negative restiveness of the young vibrant youth population.

“We must be bold as a nation and take our responsibility of raising complete and excellent human beings in our hands in order to enjoy the wealth God has given to us as a nation. Thus, we should strive to help in any way little we can. Like in the award of scholarships, and not only that but see the children through by motivating and inspiring them by leading well, with good experiential results to show for, as in like what Blaugrana and Okakuro are doing,” he advised.

In another development, the head coach Gonzalo Dibiasi, revealed that to further build on the ideals and vision of the club, arrangements were in place to present to the sports publics, the FC Bulmaro elite female team that had been undergoing training under the tutelage of the female coaches of the Barca Academy Group Nigeria.

“Like we always wish to let people know our FC Bulmaro, is a well-articulated platform of opportunities and of discovery. We are here to make sure that with the full support of the promoters of the project we help others in any possible way, we can ensure they realise their dreams. So FC Bulmaro all-female team is another way of assisting the young female youths explore their world. With your help we will berth a global brand strong enough to compete with the biggest names in the Football world,” Gonzalo said.